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Advantages of the general contractor model in Design & Build

With our experiences, Ricons understands the difficulties of the developers in implementing and managing projects, especially: lack of experienced management staff; long lasted project from designing stage to construction stage; high cost of management…

With the desire of creating further benefits to the developers, Ricons has been researching and developing the model of Design & Build. In details, the three most prominent benefits that clients will get by choosing this model include:

      • Time-saving for the developer and therefore, maximizing benefits for developers as the projects are expected to operate early.

      • Reduction of complex works (by splitting the project into phases) by proposing appropriate design solutions that will ensure fully the project’s functions and aesthetic value.
      • Minimizing human capital and management cost of the developers as well as optimizing the cash flow usage.

        Strength from human capital leads to success

          The strength of Ricons lies within its human capital that are experts in their fields including the team of advisors, specialists, architects, engineers and technicians.

          This team always stands side by side with the clients by offering the most efficient designs, most effective advice on market prices, and most optimal solutions to any difficulties in construction progress, budget and supply chain.

          On the other hand, Ricons also co-operates with talented and dedicated partners in architectural and structural consulting, MEP, exterior and interior design. Therefore, during the construction progress, Ricons always demonstrates impressive professionalism.

          All of those factors have created these works with highest economic efficiency for the developer as well as humane and aesthetic value.

          Evidences of high reputation from project quality and client confidence

          The current reputation of Ricons is originated from the confidence and appreciation of our clients based on the quality of projects that we delivered.

          By constructing its very first project using Design and Build model of Dorco Hung Yen factory in 2010, Ricons is continuously assigned many large scaled projects worth billions of VNDs from its clients and developers. So far, many projects using the model of Design & build have been successfully delivered by Ricons including Dongsung Vina plant, Youngbo Vina, Vina Magic, Lu An, Gamuda CT3, An Gia Skyline, An Gia Riverside…